Alinco tnc

He ended up disabling the internal decoder and adding a TS 64 Decoder. Microphone Jack Pinout Many Alinco radios use a round 8 pin mic jack with 7 pins around the outside and one in the middle. Click here for a photo. There are tiny numbers molded into the plastic on the plug and jack. DTMF sent on this pin will control the radio. When the EJU board is installed the ribbon cable is moved to that board and the pinout changes to the right hand list below.

alinco tnc

This lets you use a straight-through DE-9 cable to connect a PC to the radio. The instruction manual can be found here. Use a 10K resisitor from this pin to pin 8 as a pull-up resistor. The audio on this pin is not de-emphasized. Used for baud packet data.

The audio on this pin is not pre-emphasized. The audio on this pin is de-emphasized. Used for baud packet. See comments below. The audio on this pin is pre-emphasized. Heavily Biased Personal Opinion: I do not recommend Alinco mobiles for use as a point-to-point link radio or as a repeater transmit radio. Adding an outside decoder like a Communications Specialists TS fixes that but why should the customer have to buy another piece of hardware to patch Alinco's bad design?

Alinco should fix their design - or copy the one in the cheapest Yaesu, Kenwood or Icom - any of those does a better job. It's not a difficult design, even my old Motrac did it better, and it was built in50 years ago.

Secondly, the Alincos seem to work when new, but you have to leave them in carrier squelch.Forums New posts Search forums.

Alinco DR-135TP Setup for APRS

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Alinco Plug-In Modules EJ-41U

Thread starter Tedm Start date Apr 28, Status Not open for further replies. Tedm Member Premium Subscriber. Hi, I have tried to install this device in my radio and hook it to my XP and Vista lap top. The lap tops only have USB adaptors. I bought an adaptor and program to make sure it acts as a when it gets from the radio DIN 9.

alinco tnc

I cannot get the XP or Vista to talk to the packet board. I believe the radio does hear the computer because sometimes when IM working there will be a change on the radio display. Any ideas?

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Hi, Double check the Comm. Port and Baud Rate. I recently made that mistake connecting a device too. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. Tedm said:. I have tried to install this device in my radio and hook it to my XP and Vista lap top. Joined Dec 12, Messages I have one, works great. BUT I did the same as you did bought an adaptor. I had an old computer which had a real rsplug on it, plugged into it and it works great.

The old computer has windows xp in it and works for packet.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled. Your web browser appears to be out of date. Soon you will not be able to create a secure connection to our web site using TLS 1.

Please upgrade your browser from current version. Learn more about TLS. We ship in-stock parts via ground shipping the same day if ordered by pm Eastern. Monday through Friday. Learn More. We're confident our prices are the lowest. You can return any new or unused item within 10 days of the date your item was shipped and we will refund the full purchase price.

Alinco Plug-In Modules are optional devices to extend the capabilities of their already feature-rich transceivers. Choose by the model to equip your radios fully, so they will give you all of their capabilities.

Note: Whenever the DX Engineering "Documentation" tab is available, please look at the associated files for additional product information. Alinco Plug-In Modules. We do not sell email addresses or other private information. Privacy Policy. Outdated Internet Browser Detected Your web browser appears to be out of date. Chrome Firefox Safari Explorer Opera. Items in Cart 0.Q: My amateur radio transceiver does not seem to receive out of the ham band frequencies as well as it does in the ham bands Is mine defective?

A: Alinco guarantee specifications only within the ham bands on our products. Characteristics of reception, as well as transmission, outside of the ham bands authorized use only is not specified. In some cases, such as the wide band receiver, we declare the typical sensitivity values on different frequencies, but can not guarantee the value for the entire range.

For example, the DJ-V5T transceiver receives a wide range of frequencies. Other than these frequencies, reception is considered an accessory feature. If you are interested in a particular frequency for operation, not only for Alinco products, but other brands as well; it is recommended that you contact your dealer or the manufacturer first to make sure the product performs well at that frequency. Q: Do I have to return the warranty card to you? A: We ask that you follow the instruction specified on it.

Warranty policies may vary depending on the country where you have purchased the product. Please contact the authorized importer of your area for details.

Q: What is your policy regarding repair and replacement of a radio? A: Our policy is stated on the warranty card, please read it carefully; We reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding repair and replacement at any time.

Q: My radio has a problem. What should I do for the service? For other countries, please contact an authorized dealer of your area. Q: How can I order spare-parts not listed on this web-site? Q: How can I make a request for the catalog? A: Just contact the authorized distributor of your area for the request; anybody at Alinco and its distributors will be happy to help you.

This service is free of charge. Q: I tried to put the offset and PL tone into memory but it won't stay. A: You must enter all information such as frequency, offset and PL tone while in VFO mode and then commit the information to a memory channel all at once. You cannot add to a memory channel once it has been used.

This is common to all Alinco models. Q: Which microphone should I use for my mobile radio? A: Basically we have 5 different types of microphones available; Multi-function microphone with 8pin connector, DTMF keypad microphone with 8pin connector, the same with a module plug and finally plain microphones for both 8pin and modular connectors. However, please choose the right model of microphone to fully enjoy the operation of your radio. We still have limited quantities of repair parts for it. EMS-5 or 53 plain microphone can be used also.

EMS-5 plain microphone is available,too. EMS plain microphone is also available. Note that EMS is not a backlit microphone. EMS plain microphone can be used also. EMS multi-functional microphone can be used but remote-controls are not functional, because these features are CPU dependent. Note that EMSA is developed for a special application for a specific commercial use only to be communicating with other manufactures' specific unitsand is distinguished from conventional EMS without "A" identifier by an ID sticker on the back of the unit.

They are compatible, but might sound slightly different. The audio input level should be adjusted with mic-level control on the microphone for better modulation. Digital Mode:.Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Local Repeaters. LDG Electronics. MFJ Enterprises. Amateur Electronic Supply. KJI Electronics. I have used the Alinco as a standalone tracker in my truck with excellent results. The setup info for both applications can be found below. One will be for base or mobile applications.

This will allow you to switch from base to mobile and back without having to manually enter commands into the TNC. Hyperterminal should be on your system already if you are using windows. Start Hyperterminal. The Connection Description dialogue will pop-up. Enter DRTP and choose an icon. Now you will see the Connect To dialogue. Choose "Direct to Com1" or whatever Com port you will be using. You can now enter the connection properties. You should now see a blank terminal window with a cusor blinking in the upper left.

Turn your Alinco on and put it into data mode. You will see the TNCs message flash on the screen.

alinco tnc

The commands you need to enter are below. When done Close Hyperterminal. You will be asked if you are sure you want to disconnect. Choose Yes. You will also be asked to save the DRTP file. Choose yes. That way you only have to double click the DRTP. You should now be all set. Go drive around and see how it works. You will need to create a command file or edit one of the current ones. I saved it as DR This is what your command file should look like.

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Reviews Home. Save your money even included the TNC from Alinco waste of space. Apart from the need to download a 29 page manual written in letter and shrunk to A4 and then some online advice from K0NR thanks, I am still not transmitting pakets. I am debating to give the EJ41U the flick and put in the aftermarket one.

Ok, first just remember this was written by someone who has Japanese as a first language. They read and write from left to right so some things get missed in translation. So having said that, the instructions on the squelch say full open.

I would suspect most people think that means 0 squelch, but not true, turn full right to That will allow the tnc to trigger. Secondly, make sure and go into terminal mode on RMS Winlink go to help and open the simple terminal mode. Then do a mycall and make sure your call sign is in, I find that it is best to check each time you power it on as sometimes it does not stay at least with RMS.

I always avoided Alinco stuff thinking of it as cheap compared to the big 3. Owned my for about 6 months now. Yes it runs hot, so what?

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I love it : only niggles are the scan speed is a bit slow but no worse than Yaesu and no repeater reverse. I am now looking for a to make a set! The test results are a total failure on messages over bytes. The baseline parameters that I used were ones we use on a KPC No go. No matter what I tried to tweak the parameters to make improve the results it did not help.

If anyone has had better results as non-APRS packet station I would love to hear about it, but, as of right now I give up.

Alinco DR 110 Battery Install

I may keep the radio, but, the KPC-3 is the winner here.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site.

Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled. Your web browser appears to be out of date. Soon you will not be able to create a secure connection to our web site using TLS 1.

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Please upgrade your browser from current version. Learn more about TLS. Alinco has been a trusted source for amateur radio equipment and parts for over three decades. DX Engineering carries a huge selection of Alinco ham radio components and accessories--everything from transceivers to replacement antennas for hand-held radios! Shop now for proven Alinco products at DX Engineering. On Sale Details Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order!

Offer excludes truck freight fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States. Clearance Details Alinco DM Digital Power Supplies are an affordable switching power supply that packs a lot of features incl The DRTM Whether you desi Alinco Handheld Radio Accessories allow you to add the products you want to make your handheld radio more functi With DR Alinco Interface Cables are available for connecting Alinco radios to each other for cloning, and to PCs for programming a

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