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Talk of a phased reopening of the U. S overshadowed dire economic data and some alarming IMF economic forecasts, as new cases saw a downtrend.

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It was a mixed week for the European majors, with the CAC40 unable to reverse losses in spite of a Friday breakout. A bulk of the investment banks have taken a bullish stance and believe the bottom for the equity markets are in. Media outlets are.

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Finally, investors see the real light at the end of the tunnel as Donald Trump presents a plan on how to restart business in the country. European and US stock futures jumped in overnight trading stateside following a report that said a Gilead Sciences drug was showing effectiveness in treating the coronavirus. The Chinese data and other forecasts that said the world is in its worst recession in decades caused barely a ripple in Asian shares as investors focus instead on whether the pandemic is peaking and how soon governments will start to ease lockdowns.

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Signals from the options market are suggesting that some investors believe the gains from the blistering three week rally on Wall Street may endure. Futures point to a breakout at the open.

VeChain Partnership List and why It’s going to be gigantic

Even dire economic data out of China seems unable to spook the markets…. Economic data out of China fails to shock the markets, as hopes of an end to COVID delivers a boost early in the day. OctaFX is a Forex broker implementing online trading services globally since It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to over one million users.

Economic data continues to raise more red flags yet words of comfort deliver support…. The initial jobless claims report highlights another devastating week for the U. From April 13 to May 22, FBS offers its clients to trade and help people who face social difficulties. It is a chance to slow down and invest in those who need the most care.

achain news

Risk aversion sees demand for the Greenback gather pace. Economic data from the U. S later today could spook the markets further…. Futures point to more losses ahead, as investors continue to fret over the economic outlook….Hi there, Don't forget to sign up now for free to personalize your watchlists and receive price alerts. Achain 2. The Achain network can optionally specify account names that meet the rules when creating accounts. Added exception handling when The Achain mainnet will be upgraded on April 8,when the transfer function of the Achain wallet and Kcash wallet will be affected….

Please read the Achain Talks EP06 transcript, to…. Modified dice contract code, adapted to 2. Studied secure multi-party computing and explored integration with blockchain. Organized the network plug-in message Dear Achainers:Thank you for your continued attention and support to Achain.

Eminer EM is a blockchain hash rate financial service platform integrating hash rate service, financial service, Modified dice contract code is compatible with the latest version of the act. Resolved the mainnet The digital currency Pundi X is a token created on the protocol of the same name.

Within this network, coins act as a means of payment. System developers are committed to creating the most favorable conditions for transactions. Ported DApp smart contract to adapt, upgrade the new interface of act. Added automatic build compilation scripts and optimized Python automation scripts.

Added load-features. Released the latest version of Achain 2. Core DevelopmentAchain 2. Mainchain test is started by After successfully passing a period of sustained and intensive….

Improved Achain 2. The main-chain upgrade from Achain 2. The scope of unsecured operations and the mortgage logic of the voting weight have been adjusted. Successfully operated the new main network contract deployment Improved technical documentation and completed the basic operation document.

Completed the Python script to support loading contracts, Community members may enroll in the Lockup program…. The mainchain upgrade from Achain 2. Successfully completed testing efficiency of loading smart text and binary formats in smart contract virtual machines. Successfully completed performance testing The Achain 2. Tested the modified creation file.Community Score 1. In my opinion a great way to track which blockchain projects are doing well is by tracking their confirmed partnerships from both real and crypto World.

I did just that and would like to share For this very reason is why CoinEgg has some popularity among traders. The crypto assets available include all the most popular and some exotic cryptocurrencies and new projects.

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The sheer amount of selection is what attracts most traders to the CoinEgg Achain 2. Cryptocurrency Calendar Feb 17, finder. Tim Falk is a writer for Finder, writing across a diverse range of topics. Over the course of his year writing career, Tim has reported on everything from travel and personal finance to pets We are still waiting for the following pieces of information to be submitted.

Official data such as social media channels and website urls has to be submitted by a project member from an official email. Please ask a project official to email with us with such changes. Is This Coin A Scam? Search About Advertise Contact. Be the first to review. Achain Project Details. Description rank: type: coin. Coin Details proof: proof of stake. Category blockchain platform.

Technology blockchain. Update This Data. Achain Status Scores. Achain Web Presence. Commits There have been 3 commits in the last 7 days.Official news, articles, posts from Achain team. Apr 03, am - Twitter. Mar 19, pm - Twitter. Mar 19, am - Twitter. Mar 03, am - Twitter. Feb 24, am - Twitter. Dear Achainers: Thanks for your continued support to Achain.

Today we are pleased to announce Feb 05, am - Twitter.

achain news

Jan 10, am - Twitter. Jan 06, am - Twitter. Hi Achainers, Merry Christmas and a fantastic Dec 20, am - Twitter. Dec 16, am - Twitter. Dec 12, am - Twitter. Hey Achainers, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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Achain team participated in the Blockshow Singapore Conference, filled with international deleg Nov 25, am - Twitter. Achain team participated in the 21st China High-Tech Fair, where representatives from various par Nov 18, pm - Twitter.

Hey Achainers, here are the BlockHeights: for this Week. You should gu Nov 18, am - Twitter. Nov 06, am - Twitter. Nov 01, pm - Twitter. Oct 21, am - Twitter. Achain 2. Oct 18, am - Twitter. Github latest releases.

More news, articles, posts Any of the airdropped tokens from holding ACT worth anything? Jan 10, am - Reddit. What is the VoteB token and how can I get more information on proposals? Jan 09, pm - Reddit. Whatever happened to ACT? Dec 18, pm - Reddit. Achain got ranked 3 coin to watch by CoinCodex!Achain was founded in and is a blockchain project committed to building a boundless blockchain world. At its core, Achain aims to utilize technical solutions to solve many issues facing current blockchains.

In addition to focusing on factors like transactions per second, the project is also working on improved interoperability amongst blockchains. This interoperability connects both the blockchain and non-blockchain world in a way that is accessible to mainstream users. These and other factors are what makes Achain capable of reaching, or even surpassing, TPS. This consensus mechanism has multiple possible advantages over others. It is capable of achieving better energy efficiency, and it also features more frequent elections, which makes the process of throwing out bad actors much easier than with traditional algorithms.

While there are various technical innovations offered by this project, Achain fork a. With Achain, you can fork multiple new blockchains easily. Why is Achain fork technology important? All forked blockchains are equal, which means they are not hierarchical from a technical or economic perspective. Additionally, the project offers a blockchain as a service BaaS solution that utilizes multiple programming languages and visualized development to reduce the difficulty of adoption.

This means that developers of various programming backgrounds could potentially create an Achain fork. Another issue that blockchains face today is how to grow their respective ecosystems. For the most part, Ethereum is clearly the leading platform in terms of current user adoption for people wanting to develop dapps and utility tokens.

Achain, however, has already grown its ecosystem quite nicely just within the past few years. The Achain ecosystem is divided into two main categories: dapps and parallel chains.

Even though there is currently only one parallel chain SelfSellthere are seventeen different dapps available that span across eight different categories.

These classifications include exchange, entertainment, finance, payments, network, marketplace, services, and protocol. When compared to the vast majority of blockchains, Achain has made a lot of progress in building its ecosystem. Heluss aims to disrupt the insurance industry.

Cryptocurrency news: Bitbns lists Achain (ACT), Koinex adds Ontology (ONT), IOTA update (Hindi)

First, the project is focusing on offering technologies like AI-based claims management and smart contracts for travel insurance. As the community grows, the project team plans to subsequently introduce insurance solutions for auto, home, and loan as well.

GymChain is a dapp within the Achain ecosystem where you can use AI-driven, wearable smart devices to collect health and fitness performance information and upload to a decentralized blockchain. This solution allows you to form customized exercise plans based off of data analyses. WeatherBlock is a project that uses blockchain and IoT sensors as a means to improve granular level data and location-based weather forecasting.

Since August. In terms of exchange trade volume, CoinEgg appears to be the most popular, followed by Bitforex and Huobi. Trading pairs vary across exchanges.

achain news

Cui has a few significant accomplishments, including winning the Future Star award from the Zhongguancun Alliance and being listed in the 30 under 30 on CYZONE, a famous venture capital magazine.

On LinkedIn, 51 people are listed as employees at Achain. Most of the team is based in Beijing. Achain also has a few key industry partners. The roadmap for Achain development is fairly detailed. However, most goals listed are development-oriented rather than marketing or design. There are three major phases with projected completion dates listed.

One thing to note is that dates for these phases are not consistent between the homepage and the whitepaper.ETH is digital money.

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It is purely digital, and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. People all over the world use ETH to make payments, as a store of value, or as collateral. Bitcoin is the first peer-to-peer digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. It is famous for its decentralized transactions, meaning that there is no central governing body operating it, such as a central bank. Bitcoin News will help you to get the latest information about what is happening in the market.

VeChain is an extremely interesting blockchain project that has been recommended everywhere. What exactly is Vechain? How does it work and why is it so interesting?

We will explain everything about Vechain. Vechain is a platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management processes. VeChain provides retailers and consumers with the ability to determine the quality and authenticity of products that are bought. The most important factor is confirming the authenticity of mainly luxurious products and also giving all kinds of background information about the product. Think for example of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses, it is often very difficult to see if this is a real or a counterfeit if you are not an expert.

With VeChain you could scan the glasses and immediately see if they really come from Ray-Ban or not. Furthermore, you could the check the builder, the material, the origin of those materials or the age of the product.

Fake products, one of the biggest problems currently when it comes to luxury products. If VeChain actually succeeds in ensuring that a consumer can see whether a product is authentic or not, then this is a very interesting project.

Confirming the authenticity of products is not the only thing. For example, VeChain can also give products an ID. For example, a car can be identified on the basis of this ID, this digital profile then contains all the data about the car.

From when it was last tinkled to how many kilometers it has driven already. This information can then be passed on to authorities such as insurance in a simple way. VeChain will soon change the name into Vechain Thor.To buy or not to buy — the main issue facing the crypto wor Despite what yellow journalist media groups like coindesk a On March 9th, c introduced the "Cryptocurrency Act of ", The Cryptocurrency Act of sought to clarify which feder The Crypto-Currency Act of recognizes three distinct ty Dear Achainers: Thanks for your continued support to Acha Dear Achainers: Thanks for your continued support to Achain.

The activity-based and risk-focused regulatory structure allows rules to be applied proportionately and to be robust to changing business models. Singapore's new law, requiring cryptocurrency exchanges to register comes into force today.

The Payment Services Act, which was first passed in January requires all cryptocurrency exchanges to be registered and licensed to operate in the country.

Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS sees significant risks of money laundering due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies. However, there is no uniform licensing. There are three different types of licenses depending on the kind of services provided, and different rules apply to them. Several exchanges, such as Zipmex, Liquid, and Luno are already working on acquiring the license.

The bill proposes that small cryptocurrency transactions that qualify as personal transactions not be reported as a taxable event.

This is far lower than the money spent by other large tech companies and Ripple's own expense in According to opensecrets. C, the fintech firm was represented by 6 lobbyists last year. None of them were members of the congress. The lobbied issues include two finance-related matters, one banking and one Science and technology issues. Its the one night of the year when we al The bill clearly defines crypto into three types of asset classes: crypto commodities, cryptocurrencies, and crypto securities.

Each asset would fall into the jurisdiction of a different regulatory body which will act as a Federal Digital Asset Regulator. The Act defines three types of crypto assets: crypto-commodities, crypto-currencies, and crypto-securities, and lays out which Federal agencies should regulate each type of crypto assets.

Crypto-commodities are economic goods or services, stored on a blockchain and will be regulated by the CFTC. Crypto-currencies are representations of U. Crypto-securities cover all debt, equity and derivative instruments on a blockchain, and will be regulated by the SEC. On Monday CipherTrace chief financial analyst John Jefferies published a report showing that the top 10 retail banks in the U. The data analytics provider also revealed a new tool designed to help banks identify and assess the risk profile of Virtual Assets Service Providers VASPs.

The new tool is designed to flag the risks caused by cloaked connections between VASPs and bank payment systems and it produces risk scores for more than crypto exchanges along with other VASPs. It was the seventh major exchange hack this year. Exchanges were quick to act, immediately marking the coins. Most major exchanges have committed to freezing the funds if they ever make it to their platform.

To clean their funds, hackers are taking advantage of decentralized exchanges. It would eventually be converted to cash. To show homage to the year the act took place, the coin will bear a denomination of The bank plans on releasing 24, tokens to the public which will be divided into six categories based on the signatories area of activity, with 4, coins in each category.

Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said that Griffith violated the U.

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